What is the right running technique?

Running technique will become more important than any other aspect of your training program when you consider that the right technique can prevent injuries.  But the question is how can one define what is the right running technique? The simple answer is, someone must know. Read the article to find out.

Running technique is one of the most neglected areas of sport, at elite and local levels, according to Denis Huffer.

The Newry-based running coach, who has taken four runners to international level, said running technique is “simply something people don’t think about” but was very important in injury prevention.

“I encourage most people to have a lighter shoe rather than a heavy cushioned one, because it allows you to heel strike (in the cushioned shoe) which is not good at all,” he said.

“Every foot is different, and there are some injuries like plantar fasciitis and osgood schlatter’s disease that require more padding and orthotics usually require more support as well, so it’s different for each person,” he said.

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